Educational & Creative Toys

  • This all-wooden bead mazes put a colourful, friendly twist on a playtime classic. A perfect game of motor skills and concentration for young minds.

    Suitable for 2 years +

    Our educational toys are produced by high-quality German manufacturer Legler Toys and are produced to EU Standards.  
  • Threading shoe helps children to learn to tie shoelaces.

    Suitable for 3 years +

  • A classic game in a child-friendly design. The memory game with 28 pieces depicts the world of vehicles and traffic. This game is great for teaching young children about simple game rules, as well as developing memory and motor skills, but its also a lot of fun !

    Suitable for 3 years +

  • A small wooden helicopter! This construction kit not only has the suitable wood construction parts, but is also provided with a solar motor charged with sunlight by small solar cells. This gets the rotor blades of the helicopter moving and it almost looks as though the little one is about to take off!

     Suitable for 6 years +

  • Take turns balancing the bamboo stalks on the elephants back. Watch out, he wobbles ! If the elephant drops the stalks on your turn you are out of the game!

     Suitable for 3 years +

      Eco Friendly Bamboo.   These products are CE certified
  • The clock playfully gives children good instruction in telling time.

    Approx. 18 cm

    Suitable for 4 years +

  • This construction site puzzle with easy to grip pegs encourages the development of the motor skills of the child.

    9 Pieces plus board

    Suitable for 1 years  + 

  • Toot Toot! This locomotive is a must for children that love trains. It is made of FSC 100%-certified wood and may be constructed by the child  before it is played with.

    Suitable for 3 years +

  • This super construction kit can be used to make two different dinosaurs. With 60 construction kit parts imagination knows no bounds.

    Dimensions Flying Dinosaur approx. 18 x 30 x 12 cm and T.Rex 20 x 15 x 21 cm  

    Suitable for 5 years +

  • A knitting kit to create wonderful pieces of art. Included in metal case:

    2 sets of knitting needles, 5 bales of wool and 2 rolls of thread Felt bag containing scissors crochet hook and darning needle Wooden french knitter and wooden pom pom template  

    Suitable for 6 years +

  • On the construction site there's always something going on! The dump truck drives safely over sand, stones and gravel - and it turns just as quickly into a trailer or tractor. This transformer makes it possible.

    approx. 13 x 9 x 8 cm

    Suitable for 3 years +

  • This charming butterfly has so much to offer: the many different colourful materials invite a child to marvel, grip and touch. Teething rings and a mirror are also included, as well as practical hooks to mount the butterfly.

    Approximately 25 x 21 x4 cm

    Suitable for 0 years +

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