Who can forget the memory of first learning to ride a bike? That feeling of accomplishment as you bump along the road with your trusty stabilisers.

Triumphant, and oh ever-so-grown up.

Followed by your confidence being slashed, as an adult cruelly whips them away, leaving you hurtling into the wide unknown.

Thankfully, we are far kinder to our children now, and learning to ride is focused more upon learning to balance, rather than to cycle. Hence, the rise in popularity of balance bikes. These two-wheeled bikes are fantastic at training young children to use their core balance to push themselves along freely. Without being aware, a child is learning the most important skill in cycling: balance. This, in turn, leads to the ability to ride a bike with confidence.

What’s more, there are also 2 in 1 designs, which swiftly transform from trike to bike in a few easy steps. A Wooden balance trike is perfect for encouraging children from as early as 18 months to begin their cycling journey.

A 2 in 1 wooden balance trike is a blast for young children. Here at Old School Toys, we are great advocates of a toy that combines learning, value and play. And an adjustable trike ticks all of these boxes. Quick to build and simple to use, these trikes are great value for money as they bypass the need to purchase an additional bike.

Our 2 in 1 wooden balance trike is available in four exciting and unique designs: unicorn, monkey, blue and pink.

Why choose a wooden balance trike?


Our ethos is focused on bringing sustainable materials to the toy market. Wood is an excellent material as it is easily recycled, durable and biodegradable. Our wooden balance trikes and bikes are great for passing down the family to extend play value.


Wooden bikes are far lighter than metal bikes. This makes them ideal for toddlers as they can go easily scoot around and direct the trike into any direction without too much input from an adult.

Fun designs

We love wooden bikes for their unique designs. There are some brilliant designs available to suit any personality. Wooden bikes have an old school, retro feel and will be sure to receive a few compliments whilst cruising around!

If you are looking this Christmas, for a unique gift that will grow with a child, a 2 in 1 wooden trike will make an excellent present, like no other.